Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2: Sundays

I usually think of Sundays as a 'Fresh Start', making changes in my life based on the previous weeks failures and bad decisions. I'd say things like " I'm never going to drink again" or "be a better person."
I'd use Sundays, New Years, or birthdays to make changes because they marked a new beginning.
This is the first Sunday of the new year and i'm treating it like any other day. It should have double importance being the beginning of the week, having all my new years resolutions fresh in my mind.
I should've joined the gym, bought groceries for the week, read a book, and done something adventurous like skydiving.
Instead, I slept in and didn't accomplish too much.
I enjoyed a nice day, walked around the city, and ran a few errands.
I bought a yellow lamp.....check it out.

I went for a 15 minute run and planned on starting P90X. 
Technical difficulties sent me to the showers early. 

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