Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4: Distractions

I woke up this morning feeling the same......Overwhelmed.
To keep myself from stressing out, I fill my schedule with mindless tasks and routine chores.
Clean the house, buy groceries, organize, and do laundry.
I tell myself (and my girlfriend) I'm being productive but I know it's all a lie.
When I ran out of things to do today, I picked up some paint and painted my living and bedroom.
Tomorrow I'm assembling a shelving unit for my office.

I went for a 15 minute run to sweat out some stress and frustration for the Day 4 failures.
When I got back, I felt good and plugged in the first P90X video.
It was going well until the rubber exercise bands SNAPPED in mid rep leaving a 10 inch welt on my chest. I laid on the floor, trying to catch my breath for a couple minutes thanking god the bands didn't hit my face or eyes. Once I recovered, I ran to my computer to send a scathing email to the manufacturer SPRI. I read it over and over again, making a few edits and additions until I remembered one of my New Years resolutions.........."Take a Breath."
So I did.

.......and sent the email.

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