Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution #1: 20 Minutes a Day

I remember something my brother said in an effort to encourage and motivate me as I embarked on one of my yearly 'Get in Shape' resolutions. He said, "It's only 20 minutes out of your day." That's an impactful statement considering how little 20 minutes means in a day but how important a 20 minute run means to your life, health, and happiness.
The winter run is a painful experience but so much more rewarding considering how easy it is to back out. It's always too cold, Icy, and dark with mounds of snow creating an obstacle course on every corner.
I bundle up and hit the streets, giving a nod to the other 'hard core' winter runners. I wonder if I'll see them all winter long. I think about my brothers encouraging words and I feel a boost of energy.
No excuses, It's only 20 minutes.
Today was a breakthrough after 5 days of struggling to complete a run. I ran for 20-25 minutes and felt good.
I can't wait for tomorrows run.

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